Rover Transport FAQ/ Requirements

On this page you will some important information about shipping your Rover to ECR. If you have additional questions feel free to drop us an email and we'll be happy to assist you.

Q: Why do you suggest the transporters listed on your web page?
We suggest these companies because we have done dozens of transactions with them. In those dealings they have never dented or damaged anything and they are reliable, insured and professional carriers. When you call these companies you speak with the driver, not some dispatcher or office worker. These are the guys that will be picking up or dropping off your truck. These guys are also "car guys", they know how to care for a cool car or truck and they go the extra mile. They may not be the cheapest transporters out there, but they are professional and will care for your Rover correctly. In our eyes that is the most important thing.

Q: How should I prepare my Rover for transport to ECR?
When you are ready to ship your Rover to ECR you should take a few steps to make sure everything is in order.
1. Remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle. Your CD's, sunglasses, recovery equipment, tool box, etc. should all stay with you. This will assure that these items are not stolen during transport.
We've seen some pretty odd things sent to us in vehicles, including drug paraphernalia and even a huge home air conditioner! We don't want the illegal items and we don't have space to store your other items. These are extreme cases, but you get the idea. You don't need to be paying us by the hour to move your air conditioner in and out of your vehicle.
2. If you have a part that you want ECR to make a custom mount for, something like a GPS, send that unit or part to us via UPS/ FedEx or other carrier, don't put it in the vehicle during transport. We've never had anything stolen while one of our Rovers is in transit, and we don't want to ever see that happen. Doing things this way will ensure it never will occur.
3. Unless your Rover broke down during your last off road trip, and it is coming to ECR for " non running" repairs, your Rover should be relatively clean in and out before you ship it. Each vehicle is documented when it arrives at ECR with pictures and notes of damage, etc. If your Rover is caked in an inch of mud all over, we can't properly document how it arrived.

Q: Is there anything I do need to send with the vehicle?
Yes, we need to have your plates, registration and proof of insurance. Make copies of the paperwork if you like and put them inside the Rover. Your vehicle must be insured and registered while at ECR. We do have insurance as well, but this is only for storage here at ECR, it does not cover road use or testing of your vehicle.

Q: Do I need to call ECR before I ship my Rover?
Yes, absolutely. Before your Rover arrives at ECR we need to know who you are, we need to have all your contact information (email and mailing address), and we need to have a general idea of the project or work orders you would like done. This will ensure that you get into our work line up as soon as possible, and that we can start to get needed parts in hand even before your rig arrives.

Q: How will I know my Land Rover has arrived at ECR?
A: Assuming we have all your contact information, we will send you an email the moment your pride and joy arrives at ECR so that you know it is with us safe and sound.

Q: I keep calling the transport guys but they haven't returned my call. What is up?
Truck transport is not an exact science. These guys are putting together schedules to pick up and drop off vehicles all over the country. They also have to deal with weather and mechanical factors. Give them a break. If you call Barnes Transport you are going to have to leave a message, as you are calling the truck driver, not an office. He'll return your call as soon as he parks the rig. It may take a little time to get everything sorted.
The same slack should be given to the drivers when they are coming to collect or drop off your Rover. They likely had 3 or 4 other pick ups or drop offs to make that same day, and if the first pick up had a problem, they might be running late. It is a fact of life when trying to coordinate so many picks ups and drop offs.

The transporters we suggest are guys that we have a relationship with, and over many years we have found these guys to be the most reliable and caring to the vehicles. Trust us, we have worked with a lot of crappy transport companies in the past, and after finally finding some good people we are sticking with them. The companies we list have the best track record and have never damaged any Rover we have ever transported with them, and that is a lot of Rovers.

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