DMT Transport
Defenders headed out to NJ, NY and MA from ECR

Even though your Rover may be 100's or 1000's of miles away, ECR is still your best source for expert repairs and upgrades. Each day on the phone we hear stories from people that have problems with their Defenders that can usually be traced back to a poor repair, or a problem that we already have an upgrade for. These people would have been better served by shipping their Rover to ECR for correct service the first time. You can spend just as much money with a local shop and not get the job done right, or you can send your Rover to ECR to get it done right and to higher standard than any local shop could ever dream of.

DMT Transport
More Defenders headed out to MD, Nantucket and PA from ECR

Our shop sees nothing but Land Rover Defenders and we know everything there is to know about them. We are continually coming up with new ways to repair them and new products to make them better. No other shop in North America has our level of dedication to the Defender line of vehicles. We can do anything you can imagine, and we've likely done it already. The best news is that our dedication to the Land Rover brand can save you money. Repair shops in metropolitan areas charge an arm and a leg for service, some dealerships reaching over $125. per hour.
Here at ECR you pay less per hour, get better service and a better experience on every level.

An Example: Recently a customer called expressing concerns that his local British car repair shop had charged him too many hours to change the clutch in his 88! ECR completes this job in a lot less time than the customer paid for at the other shop. So with the difference in cost the customer could have shipped his Rover to ECR and we could have done some extra work on the vehicle for the same costs. Working with ECR would have saved the customer money, and the aggravation of a job that was not done to his satisfaction even though we were over 500 miles away!
Want more proof about why you should take the plunge and send your Defender all the way to Maine? Check out what our past customers have said here.
Who can service your Rover better, technicians that work on nothing but Rovers 8 hours a day (and our own after hours and on weekends) or someone trying to figure it out as they go along?

Don't be fooled by people who can "talk" Rovers. Experience, Professionalism, in stock Genuine Parts, and a Rover ONLY dedicated staff make ECR a better choice.
Ship your Rover to and from ECR for its service needs... here's how:

Above: Rovers arriving from CT and CA
Below: Rovers departing for TX, FL, NC and OK

2 Rover carrier
We work with car carrier transport services that travel throughout the US. So although you may not be close to ECR... fast, professional service is just a phone call, and a truck ride, away. If you have major or minor service getting your Rover to ECR will be worth your time. Your Rover should have the care of full time professionals who know these vehicles unique needs inside and out. In most cases our clients from a distance away have saved money over their local shops due to our expertise with Land-Rovers, and they got a better quality of work because of our attention to detail and New England craftsmen.
Don't let the fact we may be a distance away from your home be a factor. We have clients from all over North America, from Florida to Alaska, New York to Hawaii, Canada to Puerto Rico... everywhere!

101 and 109 loaded out
Rovers being loaded for delivery to their new owners in NY and FL.

109 enclosed carrier
For our clients that demand the best care for their Land-Rovers we also work with fully enclosed transporters that run to and from the facility.
88 Enclosed carrier
These images show some of ECR's restored Rovers being loaded for the trips back to the owners in North Carolina and Oklahoma.
Here is a 1993 NAS 110 that was recently restored and converted to 4.6 V8 with automatic gearbox. It is now headed to Malibu, CA.
Call us to arrange for your Land-Rover's enclosed transport needs. Expert service and custom work for your Rover is only a phone call away.

If your transport needs go beyond the limits of what a commercial transporter can handle, we also offer ECR Transport that will get the job done. The ECR Transporter is our own equipment that consists of a new truck and trailer. New equipment means no service delays, or break downs while your Rover is being moved. That way you get it on time, if you need it in a hurry or have a demanding schedule.

If you have a project that is in boxes, needs to meet a ferry schedule or has some other special transport needs, the ECR transport will get the job done. The ECR Transport is in no way intended to be a better or cheaper solution to commercial transporters. It exists solely to help you when and if your transport demands can't be met by the commercial guys.
The image above shows the ECR Transporter loaded and ready to head to Marblehead, MA.

The choice is easy... ECR.
The solution is simple... contact on of our suggested transport companies to get your Land Rover on the way to being repaired or upgraded the right way. The ECR way.

Ready to send your Rover to ECR? Check out this section for more information.

When you are ready to send your Defender to ECR for work, please contact us here at the shop
so that we can help you coordinate your transport needs.

without prior arrangement

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