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PLEASE NOTE: We now only work on NAS DEFENDERS. These pages from back in the day are left on line for your viewing enjoyment only.

ECR can take your Series Rover and make it into a well running and reliable machine. Most Rovers suffer
from damage due to decades of poor service, but all that can be fixed, and ECR can help. Service of both vintage and modern Land-Rovers is a specialty of ECR. Our knowledge and attention to detail from doing complete restorations makes us great at service work. We can handle any job from changing your oil to changing your chassis! We do Right Hand Drive to Left Hand Drive conversions of U.K. Land-Rovers, engine rebuilding, V8 upgrades, steering upgrades, routine maintenance, anything and everything Rover. All of our work in done "in house", here at our full time restoration facility. If your Rover needs some work or refurbishing call ECR. We'll be glad to help.

General Repairs/ Upgrades:

ECR does general repairs and mild upgrades to dozens of Rovers each year. We handle everything from brake work to full frame off restorations and everything in between. This Series III 88 recently had some service work by ECR, see the images and text for details. We don't need to restore your Rover, we'll do as much or as little as you like.

This Series III is a local vehicle that needs a bit of work. It is getting everything from a full tune up to a new rear cross member. It will also be upgraded with 4 jump seats in the back, parabolic springs, new shocks and a host of other upgrades.

Here you can see the old rusted leaf springs have been removed and new parabolic springs and updated shocks have been installed for a better ride and better on and off road performance. For more information on Parabolic Spring go here!

In this image you can see the frame repairs going on. The rear cross member is rusted out so it is being removed and a new galvanized unit installed. Here the old rear cross member has been cut away. The body will be lined up and the new unit fully welded in place.

Here is the completed repair. This 88 also needed a few things like new brake lines and wheel bearings, but now it is a good running and driving Rover that didn't go through a full restoration.

This image shows the 88 ready for delivery to the owner.
At ECR you set up what you want done. We'll do as much or as little as you want. We can handle your oil change, or build you a new Defender 110 Wagon with a Td5 diesel. No job is too big or too small. Doesn't your Rover deserve quality care? We are your best source for all your Rover needs.
The choice is simple... ECR.

How about a custom stainless steel exhaust for your V8 109 Station Wagon?
Click the image below to see the Rover get a new exahust system.

Here is a late model Series III 109 Station Wagon getting some basic upgrades
Click the image below to see the Rover and the work done.

Do you have a Series Rover that has been sitting?
Click the image below for some information on getting a Series Rover on the road again.
SIII 88 #105

Think a budget, or local repair shop can save you money and hassles?

Click on the images above to check out these projects
and see why that just is not the case.

Engine Conversions:

ECR does dozens of engine conversions using most every engine in the Series and early Defender engine range!
This is the process of just one such conversion, a 2.25 diesel to Turner 2.25 HO gas as an example. For other conversions see the "Restored" and "Refurbished" pages on this web site for project details.

In this example the 2.25 diesel in this Series IIA 109 Station Wagon just isn't up to the owner's performance needs. We removed it in favor of a Turner high output gas engine.

The Rover 2.25 diesel is great for off road, and for work trucks, but for US highway speeds they can be pretty slow. This is the before image of the engine bay. When ECR gets done with this 109 only the best Rover experts will be able to tell it was ever a diesel.

Here the engine has been removed. A good cleaning and install of the new wiring harness will be done next.

Here the new Turner 2.25 is being set in. With the new power plant this 109 will be able to handle US highway speeds with ease.

This is the completed engine bay with a complete conversion to gas including all the details like the correct petrol voltage regulator, fuel tank labels, new wiring harness, etc. Except for the "rivnuts" in the bulkhead where diesel parts used to be located, it would be almost impossible to tell this 109 was ever a diesel. Attention to detail and quality parts is what makes ECR better than the rest, and why a trip to ECR is well worth the effort.
The owner of this 109 recently has this to say after he drove the 109 from ECR back to his home in PA, "Boy, when you said that there was a lot more performance in the Turner Engineering 2.25 petrol than in my old 2.25 diesel, you weren't kidding! No smoke, no blowing oil, no noise, can reach a highway speed- it has everything. I actually made it back to PA in one day from Freeport- about 700 miles. I am one very satisfied customer! (The 109) performed perfectly on the trip- couldn't have been better. Thank you very much."

Here is a stock gas to 2.25 High Output engine swap:

Frame Swaps:

Frame swaps are a custom specialty of ECR. We developed this system many, many, years ago, and are still the only Rover specialist company in the U.S. that uses this fast and efficient way to change your frame. We don't need to remove the front body work or even drain your coolant if you don't wish. Other shops will want to fully disassemble your Rover, and make you wade through months of labor and waiting. We can change your chassis in a matter of days. Combine this service with our expert knowledge of Series Land-Rovers, and you have found the best way to get your Rover back into shape. We can do any amount of work you require, a little, or a lot. We don't impose limits. We'll gladly do the heavy work, and let you finish your project. The Land-Rover in the photos below came from Kansas for us to do the work. A few weeks later the owner drove it home on a new galvanized. chassis.
We now offer new Defender 90/110 replacement HD galvanized chassis as well.

Land Rover 88 1Land Rover 88 2Land Rover 88 3

Land Rover 88

Series III 88" from Kansas with new galv. chassis by ECR. owner: Bill Kezer

Frame Swaps: By not taking apart the body and using a new Marsland galv. frame with removable gearbox cross member, this service replaces your frame with the best leaf sprung frame on the market and can be carried out in short order. If yoru vehicle needs other work as well, with the body off it is a great time to do that clutch job, stainless steel brake pipes or other work. A clutch job done in conjunction with a frame swap means only an additional few minutes, rather than hours to change it the usual way! Only ECR offers you so many options and so many services to get your Rover into shape.

Stereo Systems and Suspension Upgrades:

In this nice Series IIA we installed a new parabolic spring suspension and a CD sound system as well as some routine items.
Click the image to take a look.

Go here for project details

Steering Conversions:

ECR offers you many choices. If you need the steering in your Series Rover changed from Right hand drive (RHD) to Left hand drive (LHD) or vice-versa, we can help. Our conversions utilize all Genuine Land-Rover Parts and we do a complete change, not just the "minimum" like other Rover shops that import and sell Rovers. We have had to complete the conversions on many imported Rover because the work from other companies was not good enough. Our attention to detail means you get a safe (no copper brake lines used) and complete factory style conversion. Your life depends on this type of work, so we won't half-ass it like the other companies.

For details of an ECR, RHD to LHD conversion go here.

Series IIA 88, as imported from the UK, Right Hand Drive

Same Series IIA, now with a complete conversion to LHD. This includes the shifter, handbrake, wiring, brake, clutch, throttle linkage, etc.

Power Steering Conversions:

Here you can see the Defender power steering box in place in a Series IIA. Notice that the exterior appearance of the 88 stays stock, no cuts in the radiator support or outward changes. We also keep the stock look steering equipment inside the Rover. This way no one will know you have power steering in your Series Rover, but it will be much easier to drive.

We also fabricate numerous HD steering links, drag links and tie rod guards.
Let us know how we can help you... we'll be glad to.

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