The Series I's (1948-1958) are quite rare in the U.S. They resembles the very early World War II military Jeeps that they were designed after in 1947. The first prototype Land-Rover was built on a Jeep chassis, had a Land-Rover body, and a Rover car engine and transmission. The prototype also had the steering wheel in the middle of the vehicle. By 1948 the early production models that were all Land-Rover had started to be produced form the newly acquired plant in Solihull, England. Few left hand drive examples that were originally imported to the US are still around. The Series I's are actually very good off road and are sought after by collectors. However, they are not really practical. They started out with an 80" wheelbase, then to a 86" in 1953, and finally to 88" in 1956. The long versions started at 107" in 1953, then grew to 109" in 1956. The SI's low top speeds, and rare replacement parts make them a good choice for the true hobbyist, but this page is focusing on the common North American Land-Rovers.

1950 Series I, 80" soft top

Series I 86" soft top, UK spec.

Series I 1948-1958 (So few SI's were imported to the U.S. that these are the U.K. Specifications)
Model 80" '48-'53 86" '53-'56 88" '57-'58 107" '53-'57 109" '57-'58
Engines 1.6 gas '48-'51
2.0 gas '51-'53
 2.0 gas 2.0 gas or diesel  2.0 gas 2.0 gas or diesel
Transmissions 4 Speed (synchro 3-4) 4 Speed (synchro 3-4) 4 Speed (synchro 3-4) 4 Speed (synchro 3-4) 4 Speed (synchro 3-4)
 Transfer case Full Time 4WD up to 1950  Part time 4WD  Part time 4WD  Part time 4WD  Part time 4WD

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